Saturday, June 16, 2018

Various Reflections

It is my deepest conviction that inspiration comes directly from the source – the oneness.
We are open for this inspiration and are able to transform this it into pieces of art, ideas, inventions – etc.…
There is NO copyright on inspiration. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake explained in one of his books that there is a “field of thoughts”. 
For sure – there is not “only” one creature/being who “catches” that inspiration in the field of thoughts. To then start these stupid private wars; i.e. “IT WAS/IS MINE” is rather immature. There is no mine and yours – there is “only” inspiration.
Actually, if we were conscious we would know that there is neither a mine nor a yours in material, land and things; etc. – those just come along with a 3D world.
In addition all these goods come from Mother Earth. Whoever was so conceited or arrogant to believe that land, precious stones, metals etc. belong to the inhabitants of this planet? And then go one step further: To sell those to other beings? Did any inhabitant of this planet ever come up with the idea of asking our Mother Earth for these "goods"? And then continue by being grateful - i.e. say: Thank you so much dear Mom?
The truth is: we are mere visitors on this planet. We have got a body which is lent, too. 
Before we were born: we decided which experiences and learnings this life would bring to us and to understand and take along, what we agreed on. Then, we also planned on the family who could help us to learn all this and the planet; (no idea if the gender comes with that, too) – that’s it. The family can be anywhere; i.e. on any planet or, if on Earth, can come with any religion, color, nation… etc.
To be alive is not the only reason to be grateful, we also should be thankful that we were given that life and please, respect others, too; whatever nation, gender, country, color, religion or not they have – our fellow human beings and/or ANY life form.
Inspiration is with us, daily. Déjà-vu for sure, too.
It is time to share, care and love. High time to forget this stupid ©.
There is no copyright on Earth or on God, either. That is a very stupid invention of a greedy person or greedy people.
It is time to see, hear, feel and understand who we are: we are stardust in a lent body – when we vanish; i.e. our body is worn out and wants to be replaced i.e. we are declared dead. It is over – we cannot come back and say: THIS ALL BELONGS TO ME! Belong does not exist – it is an illusion – the only thing (which is not a thing) that belongs to us is our consciousness – our soul – our energy.
All the rest; i.e. all material (etc.) belong/s to this planet. That/those was/were/is/are never ours, ever.
PS: yes, you may ask: Why do you put that © under your pictures?
Answer: you all are allowed to know that this inspiration was so kind to pass by - and since i don't have a job - it might be an opportunity to give this to or to share with others, too... As long as we need the "money" to survive - pay our bills - etc. i.e. as long as we live in 3D...
My biggest wish is that we do no longer need to be in a 3D - but in a conscious world on a conscious planet - one that permits to say: “This is for you - with love.”