Sunday, December 30, 2018

the system we live in is age related - etc.

In 1976 - there was this movie: Logan's Run

Today that is maybe not the case but when you exced the age of 45 you could actually kill yourself - because not only in Switzerland you won't find a job anymore - i discussed that with so many all over the globe and it is everywhere the same. 
so today i was so p...ed off - that i added this to my application:

You meet a totally sappy old woman, who has – till today not received any chance anymore in Switzerland – yes, just because she is so old. She is playing with the thought to move to a third world country, where she will not earn a lot but she might have a chance to get a job there anyway.
It is funny to be good friends with the plastic-garbage-mountain, this one nobody needs either but it is there and will lapse after how many years?
She is happy to land there, in the garbage, because old folks belong there…
Yep, actually she should have become either an alcoholic or a drug addict – or should have at least a burn-out or a fatal depression; and still she knows that there cannot be blamed anyone for that. This is the reason why she is still happy, she may still struggle with the welfare department has very few to live but has not given up till today; also, not hope, because hope dies last. But maybe such an old shrew will soon bite the dust, then we finally are rid of her, because the cemetery is the only place where it is irrelevant how old one is.

if only people knew that we need each other's diversity.....


Thursday, December 27, 2018

Stop the Concepts of Religion - Race - Nation - Color and Status - etc. etc.

It is time to get rid of all - the whole concepts - the color concept - the race concept - the religious concept - the country and the money concept - when i read the Hindu and Buddhist scripts the soul chooses - and not the parents; means the soul chooses the vessel in which it wishes to be born in - at that time there is NO religion - NO nation - NO color - NOTHING - just the vessel.
The "new soul" wants to learn - and therefore incarnates into THAT vessel - the vessel which provides that lesson/those lessons - that knowledge - if we judge all only by religion (or the other concepts) - who are we then? 



Is it not said that we should live in love and respect? 
But if we do spread the "UN-LIGHT" - we are not better than those who tell us what to do - how to live - what to eat - etc.-
Are we our own or are we lived?

I think ALL starts with love and respect - if one does not love him/herself - then maybe it is time to better go away instead of harming others by evil thoughts - (s)words - deeds and in the end WARS - is that divine?


But that is MY opinion - you have got the choice - you either think ALL is bad or you think ALL is good - my opinion is: IF humans say - THAT ALL IS BAD - i think it is time to re-think themselves or as Don Miguel Ruiz says: