Monday, February 29, 2016

Our Swiss School-System

Twice lived and heard from friends of the family...

A long time ago children went to school to learn and grow up. Today they go to a company called school. What I have learnt at the various parent-teacher conferences (sometimes with/ sometimes without my kids) was, that they have to behave in this and that matter. Already new to me were the absence cards, which have to be filled in like the company leaves. Actually a “normal” excuse is no longer counting. Then at the end of the year, something like an appraisal interview takes place. The pupils have to show their commitment, and/or will be reprimanded if they lack interpersonal skills, how they behave in the team, towards teachers, respect or lack of the same, if are they forgetful; i.e. forgot books or other school material, etc. It felt like a state in a state; a reign or maybe i should write: more a dictatorship; like: if you don’t you will have to… For me it felt like: you have no more rights to be a child. You will learn how to behave as an employee, already now. And should you not cope you will go to a special school, because then you are just not able to cope with the system later on so you will get branded already at school. 


It felt dreadful, no worse; as if your own kids were the slaves who have to deliver what is dictated and if they don’t or are not as required as the society demands, they will be lost during their entire life.
In addition to the above, my kids are not “100 % Swiss” they are 50/50. When we came back from Africa (yes – a real dictatorship – Libya – Gadhafi – their father is Libyan), it was shown to us what that means. Nobody asked my kids about their German language; no they both had to go to additional German classes, just assuming that both were not in command of the German language. That felt like a slap in the face, because it was not true.
So it started – my presence at school for both, my son and my daughter.
Recently my daughter had to change the school and if she “fails” again at the other one – she will have to go to a special school or to a home for kids or to a boarding school – for that I do not have the money, since I have been unemployed for quite a while.
Today you are no longer allowed to be a child. You go to Kindergarten and will already be formed to be social (in behavior), dutiful not forgetful, and to function as it is required.
Are my children slaves? Can’t they live / enjoy their childhood?
No, later on the girls are driven to use make-up, to wear the hip clothes which are required and to do as it is written in invisible codes of conduct. If you don't have a cell phone, you are anyway out.
Kids are already driven to be the future consumers, to pop pills - to just support all the places which actually rule the monetary system.
I don’t envy them, I had my childhood, I was able to have fun and I surely was not a nice girlie at all – no – I was a rebel I enforced many things at school for example the leading part at school theaters etc. But kids today are watched (by the system – big brother?); if they don’t behave, the whole village will point at them and send people to spy on you. 


My opinion was even: to show that you are not capable to really educate them well. It happened to us. I forgive / forgave them a long time ago but at the same time accuse them that children can no longer be children. This will show in their later lives and the result will be shown: Then the society will have to bear the consequences.
What consequences, I don’t know. I hope mine will do a great job still – but that is a long-term project which will only show after 20 years of life…


CARING & CARING - (not only) Study from Harvard

When my daughter came home from school and said: "My appearances are more important than..." Yes, i did not want to know the end of the story. Kids need a smart phone, a make-up (be it hairdo, clothes, shoes, etc.). If those are not there, then you are out. Tough, when we all are "just reduced" to our features and gadgets we carry along... Frankly - i don't envy my kids at all - being in "such a school world". No, thanks. Since it was an issue for all of the family - Google did help a lot for example a Harvard study:

The essence is here:

The part Caring was even more considered by the team who went for the study:

That leaves a lot of food for thoughts - here is what she (my daughter) gave me to write. First it was a mere collection of thoughts and then...

Caring with all of your heart is the most beautiful "waste of time". You will seed hearts who care for you.

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